Pure Electric Performance

Hand built from the ground up, the SP:01 is bristling with state-of-the-art technology, like the ground breaking 360-POWERBACK and the innovative Smartphone Application Management Infotainment system (SAMI). The immense torque created by the powerful motor is optimised by the aerodynamic efficiency of the bodywork design, allowing the SP:01 to achieve the enviable status of the world’s fastest pure-electric production sports car.

Design: Shaping the Future of Power

Sitting on a super-light, super-rigid aluminium chassis, the SP:01’s aggressively angular bodywork is constructed entirely of a carbon fibre. The resulting sculpted lines and muscular stance create an imposing presence on the road.

The interior is an uncompromising combination of advanced technology and luxurious finishes. The integrated touchscreen puts everything at your fingertips: the vehicle data, navigation, controls and media can be accessed with a simple tap or swipe. This tech sits comfortably amongst the aluminium and bespoke leather finishes.

The Unique SAMI Infotainment System

The cabin of the SP:01 is packed with innovation. Front and centre is our Smartphone Application Managed Infotainment system - ‘SAMI’. SAMI provides access to everything from the music player and satellite navigation to vehicle system status such as battery level and range to recharge. SAMI even acts as a remote control via GSM – enabling users to locate the vehicle and operate the climate control system.


The SP:01 is the first vehicle to feature Detroit Electric’s bi-directional charge technology, the innovative ‘360-POWERBACK’.

This groundbreaking feature means the SP:01 is not only a stunning sports car, it’s also a mobile energy unit. This allows the driver to use the stored battery energy to power not just the car, but also an entire home or other electric vehicles.

The Road Ahead

Detroit Electric’s SP:01 sports car will spearhead a diverse family of all-electric production cars, including other high performance pure electric and hydrogen-electric hybrid are planned from 2022.

We are a company charged with a vision – to produce an electric vehicle that seamlessly integrates high performance, innovative technology, superior handling and refined aesthetics.

That DNA lives in the SP:01 and it will be conducted to all Detroit Electric’s future vehicles. Every one of our forthcoming models will deliver pure electric excitement and exceptional performance within their class.

SP:01 Pure Electric Sports Car

The Detroit Electric SP:01 is a limited-edition, two-seat pure-electric sports car that sets new standards for performance and handling in electric vehicles. Boasting an impressive 155mph, 250km/h* top speed and covering the 0-60mph sprint in a blistering 3.7 seconds* (0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds*), performance motoring has a new champion.

The rear-wheel-drive SP:01 features a compact, mid-mounted 210kW electric motor, a lightweight, purpose-designed battery pack and carbon fibre bodywork fitted as standard. Its excellent power-to-weight ratio contributes to the SP:01’s superior performance, driving dynamics and class-leading handling.

SP:01 Features and Specifications
Performance Automatic
Performance Manual
Rear wheel drive mid engine
Top speed 100% electric*
106mph (170 km/h)
155mph (250 km/h)
Max torque
280 Nm / 206ft.lb
280 Nm / 206ft.lb
286 hp / 210 kW
286 hp / 210 kW
Acceleration o-60mph (0-100 km/h)*
5.0s (5.3s)
3.7s (3.9)
Energy type
Full electric
Full electric
CO2 emissions
Zero tailpipe emissions
Zero tailpipe emissions
Unladen weight*
1,155 kg
1,175 kg
Capacity of battery
37 kWh
37 kWh
Overall length*
3,880 mm
3,880 mm
Overall width*
1,751 mm
1,751 mm
Overall height*
1,117 mm
1,117 mm
Calculated electric range (NEDC)*
Mode selector
Single speed auto
6-speed manual